How to Play

Here are the basic ideas of the games: take a swig (none of this sipping crap) of your drink every time one of the events listed on the game page occurs in the movie (unless otherwise directed). Following these guidelines, you will roughly finish the following number of drinks based on the difficulty of the game.

Buzzed – 2-3 drinks
Drunk – 3-4 drinks
Sloshed – 4-5 drinks
Dead – more than 6 drinks

You will notice that some of the rules in these games are vague, this is completely intentional and meant to be open to interpretation (basically drinking more or less often based on what you or your group decide as valid events).

Your choice of drink is completely up to you, I recommend mixing it up here and there to keep life interesting.

One thing that you may notice on some games is a note that says something like “Game has been adjusted for time”. Almost all games on this site are figured inside of a 2hr window, e.g. the Drunk category means you’ll finish approximately 1 drink every 30 minutes. If you see the above note on one of the games, it means that the movie was either way too short or too long to be effectively played within these bounds and adjustments have been made, e.g. if the movie was 2hrs 30mins long, it can seem exceptionally arduous to try to drag out the same number of drinks over the extra 30 mins. I’m working on a better scoring system, this is what I’ve got for now. If you’ve got ideas I’d love to hear them! Hit me up on the “Request” form, just fill out the fields randomly and throw your comments in the suggested rules section.