• Everyone picks a character and drinks every time that character:
    • Smokes
    • Swears
    • Drinks (anything)
    • Kills somebody
    • Says diamonds (or stones)
    • Is killed
  • Pick a new one when yours dies


Few tips:

  • Do not use Joe, Holdaway, or Marvin’s characters, doesn’t seem to work with them.
  • Consider Blue and Brown dead from the first time that anyone says they’re dead (don’t wait to actually see it on-screen)
  • It’s a bit wonky, don’t expect drink numbers to be even for all combinations, I’ve played this one only drinking enough for a “Buzzed” level and I’ve also played it drinking enough to easily put me in the “Sloshed” or even “Dead” category.


I’ve had this one on the list for a while, it’s actually not my own, it’s from a WatchMojo video that I watched when I first started this. Found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRRTi1FxRPM