1. Fog rolls in
  2. Someone dies (presumably)
  3. Wedgies
  4. Someone offers to help Dwight but he refuses
  5. Buddy gets rough with Cindy
  6. Someone talks to the bird
  7. Hanson touches someone with his gross hand
  8. Mr Kittles shows up
  9. Someone says “possess” or “ghost”


Upgrade this game to a Sloshed difficulty level:
  • Someone says “friend”


  • Someone says “hand”


  • For each movie parodied.**


Upgrade this game to a Dead difficulty level:
  • Any two of the three Sloshed rules.



**For movies parodied, I’m sure I missed plenty, but I counted: Exorcist, Chucky, Thirteen Ghosts, Titanic, Dirty Harry, Silence of the Lambs, Charlie’s Angels