1. An actor from The Office shows up
  2. Someone tells Andy a story
  3. Mooj says “bullshit”
  4. Shouting between two people on the sales team
  5. David talks about his ex
  6. Each time Andy attempts to have sex (including in the past)
  7. Someone says “ebay”
  8. Andy is on the phone with Trish
  9. Someone brings up Andy’s collectables
  10. Finish your drink during Age of Aquarius


Upgrade this game to a Sloshed difficulty level:
  • Andy has a visible erection


Upgrade this game to a Dead difficulty level:
  • Andy is on a bike + Sloshed rule


ALTERNATE GAME OPTION (Sloshed Difficulty):
  1. Someone says “virgin”, “bitch”, “box of porn”, or “how i know you’re gay”