*This game has been adjusted for time, it’s also a bit of a handful*


  1. Smiley face pin is in a scene
  2. Nixon appears in a scene
  3. Doomsday clock reference
  4. Someone says “Rorschach’s Journal”, “mask”, or “pyramid”
  5. Minuteman 1940 picture is in a scene
  6. Dr. Manhattan tells someone what they’re going to say or going to happen
  7. Dr. Manhattan teleports someone/thing
  8. Rorschach kicks some ass


Upgrade this game to a Sloshed difficulty level:
  • Someone says “Nuclear”


  1. Someone says “Dr. Manhattan”, “Rorschach”, “Comedian”


If you’re watching the Ultimate Cut, add in these rules.

  • There’s an animated cutaway scene
  • Someone says “Ridley” or “Freighter”